Prof. Dr. Georg Bitter

banking and capital markets law: payment transactions (esp. payment card schemes), regulations on bank accounts, legal duties of disclosure according to capital markets law

Prof. Dr. Miriam Buiten

Competition Law, Internal Market Law, Data Protection, Law And Economics

Prof. Dr. Andreas Engert, LL.M.

Financial Market Regulation, Corporate Law, Law and Economics

Prof. Dr. Jens-Uwe Franck, LL.M.
Competition Law, Internal Market Law

Prof. Dr. Friedemann Kainer

Law of the Internal Market (Free Movement of Goods and Cartel Law), German and European Labour Law, Private Law

Prof. Dr. Carsten Schäfer

Corporate law, Corporate Governance, Valuation of Companies, Capital Markets Law

Prof. Dr. Oliver Brand, LL.M.
Prof. Dr. Moritz Renner