Universität Mannheim / VWL / IWB / Members / Macroeconomics

Klaus Adam, Professor

Research Interests: Dynamic Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics, Learning and Expectations Formation in the Context of Asset Pricing and Business Cycles
Antoine Camous, Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Macroeconomic Theory, Coordination Failure, Fiscal and Monetary Policy, Monetary Union, Financial Intermediation

Antonio Ciccone, Professor

Research Interests: Growth and Development, Macroeconomics, Human Capital
Sebastian Findeisen, Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Public Economics, Macroeconomics, Labor Economics

Katja Kaufmann, Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Development Economics, Labor Economics, Economics of Education and Applied Econometrics

Tom Krebs, Professor

Research Interests: Macroeconomics, Financial Economics, Economic Theory

Matthias Meier, Assistant Professor

Macroeconomics and Macoreconometrics

Krzysztof Pytka, Assistant Professor

Quantitative Macroeconomics, Inequality, Consumption

Michèle Tertilt, Professor

Research Interests: Macroeconomics, Family Economics, Growth and Development

Minchul Yum, Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Intergenerational Mobility, Inequality, Human Capital, Labor Supply, Business Cycles

Hans Peter Grüner, Professor

Ernst Ludwig von Thadden, Professor

Carsten Trenkler, Professor

Andreas Gulyas, Assistant Professor