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Lunch Seminar Series with Guest Professor Matthias Doepke (Northwestern University)
August 10-20, 2015, 12pm, Room: L9, 308

  • Monday, August 10
    Johannes Poeschl (macro/corporate finance): Debt Maturity, Investment and Liquidity Risk over the Business Cycle
  • Tuesday, August 11
    Benjamin Balzer (applied theory): Signaling and Inefficient Collusion in an English or Second Price Auction
  • Wednesday, August 12
    Vincent Meisner (theory/IO): Competing for Strategic Buyers
  • Thursday, August 13
    Wieland Hoffmann (macro): House Price Dynamics and Adjustment Frictions
  • Friday, August 14
    Christoph Siemroth (financial economics): The Impossibility of Informationally Efficient Markets When Forecasts are Self-Defeating"
  • Monday, August 17
    Anna Hammerschmidt (labor/health): Child care and labor supply from an intergenerational perspective
  • Tuesday, August 18
    Oceane Briand (public): Value Added Tax reforms, Distortions and Informality: Evidence from Indian States
  • Wednesday, August 19
    Maria Marchenko (applied econometrics): Endogenous shocks in the social networks: identification and estimation of the effect of student's retakes on their network performance
  • Thursday, August 20
    Christoph Esslinger (political economy): Public Debt and the Political Economy of Reforms


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