Courses offered in fall 2017

Information on the mandatory course for scholarship holders funded by Stiftung Geld und Währung will be announced in due time.



MA block seminar
E896 Economic and Financial Market Policy
Hans Peter Grüner
MA lecture
E526 Development Economics
Katja Kaufmann
MA lecture
E602 Advanced Macroeconomics
Krzysztof Pytka
MA block seminar
The Macroeconomics of Uncertainty
Matthias Meier
PhD / MA seminar
E837 Research Seminar in Mathematical Econometrics,
Stochastics and Finance
Carsten Trenkler
PhD / MA lecture + exerciseE702 Advanced Macroeconomics I
Minchul Yum
MA / PhD lecture + exerciseE8001 Inequality in MacroeconomicsTom Krebs
PhD lecture
E887 Topics in Applied Microeconometrics
Katja Kaufmann
Ph.D. lecture
Empirical Macroeconomics: Structural Vector Autoregressions
Matthias Meier
Ph.D. lecture + seminar
Klaus Adam


MA lecture + exercise
FIN602 Trading and Exchanges
Erik Theissen
MA lecture + exercise
FIN500 Investments
Erik Theissen
MA colloquium
FIN 704 Colloquium “Financial Markets”
Erik Theissen
MA seminar
FIN 703 Seminar in Financial Markets
Erik Theissen
MA lecture+ exerciseFIN 580 Derivatives I: Strategien und Bewertung
Stefan Ruenzi
MA seminarFIN 541 Corporate Finance I
Fallstudie (Kapitalstruktur, Kapitalkosten und Bewertung)
Ernst Maug
MA lectureFIN 540 Corporate Finance I
Vorlesung (Kapitalstruktur, Kapitalkosten und Bewertung)
Ernst Maug
PhD block seminar
FIN 355 Behavioral Finance
PhD seminar
Corporate Finance Research Seminar
Ernst Maug


Georg Bitter
European Union Law – Institutional AspectsHans-Joachim Cremer
MA lecture + exercise
Corporate Governance I
Christian Arnold
MA lecture + exercise
European Market Freedoms
Jens-Uwe Franck
MA lecture + exercise
Introduction to European Business Law
Friedemann Kainer