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The Frankfurt-Mannheim-Macro Workshop 2012 took place on

June 1, 2012
at the University of Mannheim

and was organized by Alexander Bick (Goethe University Frankfurt) and Georg Duernecker (University of Mannheim).
This year's event focused on a variety of macroeconomic questions: How does parental economic status transmit across generations? What explains the observed increase in within-group wage inequality? Can sovereign default be optimal and if so, under which conditions?

The Frankfurt-Mannheim-Macro Workshop 2012 discussed the following papers in detail:

Sang Yoon Lee and Ananth Seshadri

"Nature and Nurture in the Transmission of Economic Status"

Ctirad Slavík and Kevin Wiseman

"Tough Love for Lazy Kids: Dynamic Insurance and Equal Bequests" (DOWNLAD)

Elena Rancoita

"Risky Choices in OLG Models"

Angela Fiedler

"Increase of Within-Group Wage Inequality in the US: An Explanation"

Klaus Adam and Michael Grill

"Optimal Sovereign Debt Default" (DOWNLOAD)

Almut Balleer and Zeno Enders

"Expansionary and Contractionary Technology Improvements" (DOWNLOAD)

Dimitri Christelis, Dimitris Georgarakos, Tullio Jappelli

"Wealth Shocks, Unemployment Shocks and Consumption
  in the Wake of the Great Recession" (DOWNLOAD)


The Frankfurt-Mannheim-Macro Workshop is held on a yearly basis. It provides a forum for the discussion and the development of macro-oriented research projects by researchers at universities and research institutions in Frankfurt and Mannheim and aims at stimulating the exchange between the two groups. The workshop targets a broad audience including advanced PhD students, junior and tenured faculty.